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Reservation Request Guidelines

We seek to serve individuals and groups who come in the spirit of retreat to spend time in the company of our Triune God.  Therefore we encourage you to allow for times of silence and solitude that will facilitate this. 

​In our desire to honor Sabbath for our staff we do not accept Friday check-ins.

Minimum Stay – 2 Night Reservation
Believing that retreat is an invitation to slow and rest, and in reviewing the comments of our guests, we are instituting a policy of a minimum stay of two nights.  

We feel this will allow us to better fulfill our call as a retreat ministry by assuring adequate time is available to our guests.

Retreat Reservation Request Form

** We cannot accommodate anyone under the age of 18**

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Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you shortly!

RATES:  A deposit of $200.00 is required to confirm your retreat reservation. We are a non-profit ministry. Please fill out a Reservation Request and we will get back to you on a price quote based on the services you are requesting.

SERVICES OFFERED: Please check out our services page for more information on Custom 1:1 Retreats and Small Group Retreat Rentals. Specify in the request form which retreat you are interested in. Thank you!

RESERVATION PROCESS:  We are a retreat location that serves adults and small ministry groups.  

​Please keep in mind that we are not a vacation destination and our guests anticipate experiencing time and space for silence and solitude.  

When you submit your reservation request, we will respond in a timely manner, usually within 3 business days. 

Once your reservation is confirmed we will email you additional information needed to plan your retreat.


As a non-profit organization designed to refresh people who love the Lord, we are trusting the Lord to provide for current operation costs as well as future facility development. Please join us in praying for, giving to and serving at Pleroma Sanctuary to continue His work in and through all who come to meet Him here.

Your donations are appreciated!

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