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A special place...

To gather. Speak truth and life. Heal, nourish and grow in your God given identity.


Pleroma Sanctuary is a safe harbor for rest and renewal.


I stumbled upon the word Pleroma, when I was searching for a way to best describe what this Heart & Soul Spa idea was all about.


Pleroma, (pron. Play-ro-mah) is an ancient Greek word that means complete in the Godhead and fullness of Christ.


That is who we are, when we remember, proclaim and walk in it.  It is the ultimate journey to freedom.



As a teenager in my hometown of Liverpool, England, I began a Sunday afternoon ritual of visiting the sauna. It was a small intimate place, entered from the street, down the cellar steps of a lovely Georgian Townhouse on posh Rodney Street. 

Sunday afternoons were a time set apart, just for women, who would gather in the warm silent womb of the sauna, and sit.

I loved being welcomed into the trust of the women, who stepped out of a hectic world, to nurture their body, heart and soul. It was sublime.


Many years later, as I took an unexpected detour through the blistering spiritual wilderness, I longed for such a place.  Where women of wisdom gathered, and who would speak life to me, and hold sacred space for me, on my journey to healing and wholeness.


God gave me the place, the vision and the heart to create such a space. What I learned on that journey is my gift to you.  

Welcome to Pleroma Sanctuary.

What we offer


Life & Relationship Coaching | Life Application Study & Fellowship | Creative Worship | Listening & Healing Prayer | Circle of Trust | Cultivating the Fruits of the Spirit | Massage and body treatments

Pleroma Sanctuary is also available for overnight stays, private retreats and events, and customized packages.  
Please send us your inquiries and requests.