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Are you a woman who…


Do you have something that you want to give birth to but don’t know how?



Are you frustrated with the same patterns showing up in your life and want an exit ramp?


Is wondering

Are you wondering why you’re not living the abundant life that Christ promised you? 


Is yearning

Do you yearn for more authenticity in yourself and your relationships?


Are you done with people pleasing, if only you knew how to stop? 



Are you ready to stop skimming the surface and live deeply?



Do you want to live with more courage, passion and purpose? 



Are you ready to align your life with all that God has for you?


In this Journey you will become:

More deeply connected to your WHY

Aware of the self set up that keeps you stuck

More attuned to what God is saying to you

Able say YES to what your heart desires most

Be brave enough to put what you learn into practice

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I am peeling back the layers of insecurity, fear and lack of courage and asking myself Why did I stay there so long?


This is very powerful. I'm getting to a new height.  I feel elated inside!


When you have a willing and open heart and allow the Holy Spirit to come in, He will take you places you didn’t even know

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